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‘And Then The Climate Changed’

This is no ordinary documentary. By this we mean that many documentaries consist of interviews (‘talking heads’) and ‘B roll’ (basically anything else). Better documentaries may also contain elements such as animated graphics, and perhaps the filming of actual events that are happening in front of the camera: confrontations, rocket launches, people arguing, hidden camera footage … you get the idea.

Not that we can promise you a rocket launch, but the way we filmed our interviews and ‘B roll’ footage is innovative and different. For a start – Jessica and Beth are not interviewing people, they are talking informally with them, perhaps even arguing with them, and these encounters were filmed in a relaxed style that will make you feel part of the conversation. Many of our contributors had stories to tell. 

Our film is of the highest technical quality. Apart from necessary newsreel footage (for example, from Hurricane Sandy), we shot all of our own original footage, and used 4k cameras (four times more resolution than normal HD). When projected in theaters, the film will be a visual feast. 

Jon Felix, the director and cameraman, has an established track record of the highest quality cinematography – having shot feature films, television commercials and documentaries for many years. Our film includes stunning aerials, time-lapse, and other techniques to capture human and natural landscapes. Our artistic intention is to give an impression of the jagged pace and feel of nature and society now, and the highly chaotic world to come. 

Above all is the striking portraits of children. Ultra slow-motion enhancement of the children’s emotions and interpersonal interactions shows their psychological turmoil and its consequences for emerging personality structures.