Dr. Haase is a psychiatrist for Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at University of Reno School of Medicine. She has conducted research on children’s conceptual understanding of mental illness and has developed curriculae and lectured on children’s psychological and emotional development for man years, receiving two teaching awards for her ability to put complex psychological concepts in accessible terms.

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Dr. Haase is chair of the Climate Psychiatry Committee for the Group for Advancement of Psychiatry, on the steering committee of the Climate Psychiatry Alliance, and a leader with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. Through this work, she is advancing understanding of the mental health and health impacts of climate change, both within the American Psychiatric Association and in her community. She has been a grand rounds speaker and invited panelist for  “The Impact of Climate Change on Children’s Health and Wellbeing”, a side event of the 53rd UN Commission for Social Development. Segments of our film have been shown at international and national psychiatric meetings along with a panel on these health effects. She is also a founding and Executive Board member of The Helix Center, a think tank producing programs on the most advanced understanding of human cognitive capacities as understood across disciplines. In this capacity she is responsible for fund-raising, audience, and program development.

A lifelong lover of nature, Dr. Haase is past-president of the Riverdale Nature Preservancy and Lake Oscawanna Advisory committees, and has led several local efforts to protect critical land and water elements and protect children against the cognitive effects of pesticide use in her community. She has two grown daughters, ages 20 and 22, one of whom has just completed a fellowship researching coral reef reconstruction methods around the world. Dr. Haase graduated from Yale School of Medicine in 1993.